Why choose us

As both a licensed Real Estate Broker, and Mortgage Loan Originator, Michael D. Lowary has the added
knowledge and experience level to give all of his client’s unsurpassed expertise and customer service.

Mr. Lowary has worked extensively in both retail mortgage banking (working directly with the public),
and wholesale mortgage banking. (working with the banks that fund the loans for the public). With this
duel experience of ‘both sides of the fence’, Mr. Lowary knows exactly what it takes to get a mortgage
funded for his clients with minimal stress and frustration. Mr. Lowary has worked with all credit grades
over his 20+ year real estate mortgage career. From hard money, to subprime, to ALT- A, to A paper
in Conventional and Jumbo, Mr. Lowary has seen it all. Mr. Lowary even has a working knowledge of
different lending guidelines throughout the whole United States, having funded mortgages in 33 different

Mr. Lowary is also an expert at understanding credit score models, and helping his clients improve
their credit scores. Mr. Lowary has a network available to help his clients correctly dispute incorrect
derogatory credit, and resolve these issues quickly.

As a licensed Real Estate Broker, Mr. Lowary is experienced with navigating the local MLS service. This
allows him to give his clients the very most up to date information regarding the valuation of their current
properties for refinancing transactions, as well as any potential properties that they may be shopping
for. In today’s lending environment, it is very important to work with someone that knows, with great
certainty; what your home is worth; before you go paying over $400 for an appraisal to refinance your
home. It is also important to work with a professional that knows the true value of the home you are
considering putting an offer on as well.

The purchase of Real Estate will most likely be the most expensive transaction you ever enter into. You
owe it to yourself to work with the most knowledgeable and trustworthy professional available. Mr.
Michael D. Lowary gives you both.